Recommended(?): Sweet Valley Confidential

I warned this blog wasn’t going to make literary pretensions, so I feel semi-comfortable noting the release of Sweet Valley Confidential, “by” Francine Pascal. I was a child of the 1990s and grew up devouring not just Sweet Valley High but the series where the Wakefield twins are in middle school and college, too. Of course the books were appallingly bad; that was never the point. They were . . . fun I suppose is the right word—the literary equivalent of “The Bachelor” (which, okay, I have been known to watch occasionally). The point of revisiting Sweet Valley is pure, simple nostalgia, and I do have to admit I’m curious to see what the series’ creator has done with the twins now that they’re my age and one is living in New York and the other is apparently engaged to her sister’s boyfriend. I have no doubt that the book’s as bad as Entertainment Weekly‘s review says it is, but I was that girl Karen Valby describes in the first paragraph, so of course I’ll read it. And probably write some sort of scathing review of it here.

Note: I also recently stumbled upon an addictive, highly-entertaining blog recapping the Sweet Valley books with the kind of snarky perspective we fans never had back in the day. I now follow it regularly. Again, there’s a lot to be said for nostalgia.

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