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The Garfield Book Review was founded in December 2010 and takes its name from the Brooklyn, NY street the author grew up on. I’ll review most anything if it’s interesting (for whatever reason) and coherent—that’s the short way of saying I’ll devour Dan Brown and certain varieties of “chick lit”—though I lean toward British novelists, depictions of American political theater and tomes on the Third Reich. Reviews are posted twice a month on average, along with news and general literary musings. Suggestions and/or thinly-veiled criticisms are welcomed.


2 Responses to The Blog

  1. Adam Hornyak says:


    My name is Adam Hornyak and I am a featured writer for Front Row Monthly magazine ( We have recently developed a spinoff site called Front Row Lit ( in an attempt to find talented writers. Our plan is to offer creative writing samples, short stories, poetry, writing tips, and book reviews, I stumbled upon your site this morning and wanted to ask if we could have permission to republish your reviews. Obviously we would credit your site. Thanks for your time,


  2. Hi Adam,

    Absolutely, you’re welcome to republish some of my reviews. I checked out Front Row Lit and it looks quite interesting. Feel free to email me at with more details.

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